Cheap Cell Phone Plans – Something for Everyone

Choosing cheap cell phone plans to sound simple at first. But it may be a daunting task when you are shopping around. Finding some cellular plan according to your requirements is a complicated task. The question starts with – feature phone or smartphone? How many hours I need to talk regularly? How much data I needed on my phone? What will be the best coverage services in my area? Every individual has different needs. Fortunately, there are plenty of choices for all mobile users. Here are some best and cheap cell phone plans for different users. You can choose any of them according to your needs.

Firsts we will discuss types of cell phone plans. It may be divided into two forms – prepaid plans and monthly cell phone plans. If you are a frequent user of the mobile phone and you have to talk multiple hours regularly then monthly cell phone plans are suitable for you. It may include free message pack, free night calling, unlimited talk time, and a healthy amount of minutes. Second choice prepaid cell phone plans. These plans are suitable for the users using their cell phones rarely. You will take benefit from prepaid amount as you don’t have to talk much and you can recharge your cell phone whenever you need it again. Now we will discuss some of the best and cheap cell phone plans for different users one by one.

1- Social Butterfly User
For the social butterfly user, the best plan is Verizon Share Everything. This user prefers his cell phone for everything. They actually need a smartphone that can complete their desire. The smartphone can fulfill all the requirements like net surfing, streaming videos, access social networking sites, email, chatting and much more. For this purpose, they actually need a fast network and they are even ready to pay for it. For social butterfly user, this is the time to enter Verizon. This is the most reliable fast 4G network in the nation. They offer fast and uninterrupted services at very cheap prices.
Verizon has also streamlined their price structure by offering data sharing facility. A user at one device can share his data with multiple devices. You can also check your quick data calculation at Verizon website. The calculation will help you in determining the actual state of your data usage. Verizon assures the best network, excellent data services, quality and coverage for its customers.

2- Frugal Shopper User
As a smartphone user, if you are interested in saving some more cash then Straight Talk pre-paid cell phone plan is an excellent choice for you. This is a wireless plan announced by Walmart. They are releasing best technology phones every year with excellent features. They are also offering cheap cell phone plans for better customer satisfaction. If you are a saving conscious consumer then you don’t research more for best cell phone plans. At a small price with Walmart, you can enjoy the unlimited text, talk, and data. Undoubtedly you will save your hard earned money for this wonderful monthly plan. However, in the same plan, there are different carriers for different users. You have to check the best coverage and network quality in your area.

3- Emergency call users
If you are a user preferring cell phones occasionally then you can opt for pre-paid cell phone plans. This type of users is using their cell phone only in case of emergency. Their monthly bill can be as low as $10 only. Similarly, there are plenty of choices online. We have discussed only a few plans for your comfort. To elaborate the topic more, complete your homework yourself. All the Best!

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