AT&T Wireless GoPhone Plans

AT&T is the dominant force in American telecommunications and the second largest cellphone service provider in the United States. As innovative as it is successful, AT&T was the first cellphone operator to provide support for GSM, GPRS and the iPhone 3G and has a universally recognised brand name. Through its successful business acquisition program, AT&T provides coast to coast coverage for its subscribers and operates the hugely popular GoPhone prepaid service.

The pros of AT&T GoPhone

  • Comprehensive coverage and subscriber support. 
  • Unique “Rollover” scheme for unused minutes. 
  • Huge network of retail outlets for easy balance refill.

The cons of AT&T GoPhone

  • Expensive for surfing the net. 
  • Caller ID is not supplied as standard. 
  • AT&T frequently change their plans with little notice.
The AT&T GoPhone program promises subscribers a transparent service with no hidden costs and a flexible series of plans to suit individuals´ requirements.

GoPhone Simple Option

This default option requires no minimum balance or activation fee. Subscribers pay a fixed rate 25c per minute for their calls, irrespective of where they are calling within the United States. Sent text messages are charged at $0.20 within the US or $0.25 worldwide, with a $0.20 charge for receiving a text message, and pictures and media are charged at $0.25 per item ($0.50 worldwide). Accounts can be topped up online, by freephone telephone, in-store or at any of over two hundred thousand retail locations. Credits are valid for 30 days when buying a $15.00 recharge card, 90 days if the top up is $25.00, $50.00 or $60.00, and a whole year when increasing the balance by $100.00. However, due to AT&Ts unique “Rollover” scheme, credits are carried forward when subscribers refill their accounts before the end of the expiry period. Find the top cell phone companies with the best deals in 2018

GoPhone $1 Mobile to Mobile Service

This option allows subscribers to pay a daily fee of $1.00 and make unlimited calls to domestic cellphones for the cost of $0.10/minute. The daily access fee is only payable on days when the service is utilized and has no activation fee. Unlimited, free night and weekend packages are also available on this plan for a premium of just $19.99.

GoPhone $3 Unlimited Calling Plan

A one off access fee of $3.00 will enable subscribers to make daily unlimited calls to both cellphones and landlines within the US free of charge. This plan, the mobile-to-mobile service and Simple Plan all offer basic voice mail, 3-way calling and call waiting facilities.

GoPhone Unlimited Talk & Text Plan

AT&T subscribers have the option of paying a $60.00 premium to enjoy 30 days of unlimited chat and text. Although this plan requires that you place a $60.00 credit in your account in addition to the premium, the package includes pictures and image transmission, instant messaging services and videos – including to overseas. Subscribers who wish to surf the net or receive emails can also take advantage of the additional data packages which are available at $4.99 for 1mb of data transfer or $19.99 for 100mb of data transfer. Get the best prepaid cell phone plans in 2018

The Talk & Text plan replaced the previous “Pick Your Plan” option available for AT&T subscribers and made the prepaid payment option less complicated. Subscribers still have option of establishing automatic renewals, downloading ringtones and games for their phones and qualifying for cashback on purchases made through the AT&T web site.

The AT&T web site is also an ideal place from which to get excellent online customer support, which is also provided via a toll free number and email service. The GoPhone prepaid service has no roaming charges attached to it, reduced rates for international calls through its “World Connect” program and special rates for subscribers based in Mexico and Canada.

The network also claims to provide the service which results in the fewest “dropped calls”, and are in the process of introducing services for the Google Android and Palm webOS devices. A considerable number of cellphones and advanced wireless devices are available to AT&T GoPhone subscribers depending on the State in which subscribers reside. discover the best cell phone plans for seniors in 2018

Prepaid Cell Rating : With the fantastic coverage, comprehensive range of services and superb subscriber support, AT&T GoPhone are worthy of receiving a five star review. However, their charges for web browsing may discourage some potential customers from fully utilizing this superb service.